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Retail Adherence Marketing Services Program

Let us help you launch your retail adherence strip packaging program.

Once you’ve purchased a strip packager from RxSafe, take advantage of our PakMyMeds® Marketing Services Program to help you successfully launch a retail strip packaging adherence program in your pharmacy.

Developing a marketing program and designing collateral to support it can take time. Since we’ve already done that, you have a head start and can be up and running in no time. By implementing the marketing activities we’ve developed, you can begin signing up existing and new patients to your adherence program without delay.

The PakMyMeds Marketing Services Program offers a myriad of branding and customization choices even after you launch your pouch packaging adherence service. We also drive patients from your local area to your store with the latest geomarketing strategies when you list your adherence service on the site…growing your business just got easier.

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