RxSafe Adherence Podcast Series

If you missed your fellow pharmacy owners at PDS — sharing a collective 37 years of experience in adherence packaging experience – you won’t want to miss this informative Q&A, spanning two days of breakfast sessions at the PDS Super-Conference last month in Orlando

Ready To Grow?

Part One: 17 Ways to Grow Your Profits with Adherence

In this podcast, you’ll have a front row seat to 17 actual questions and answers from pharmacy owners, including PDS standouts:

  • Amjad Abukwaik, Sheefa Pharmacy in Paterson, NJ.
  • Bruce Kocian, Gibson Pharmacy in Athens TX.
  • Kyle Lomax, Southern Pharmacy in Jonesboro, AR.
  • Ben McNabb, Love Oak Pharmacy in Eastland, TX
  • Neil Patolia, AUM Pharmacy in Anaheim, CA
Patient Adherence

Leverage hands-on experience from your colleagues who have “been there, done that” with strip packaging, blister cards, Medicine On Time, Dispill, SureMed, DocuDose, cassettes, exception trays, hand-filled vs. automation, you name it. This podcast features Q&A with your PDS peers, moderated by Todd Eury, publisher of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. Don’t miss it!

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