Pouch Packaging

  • Are you considering “customer convenience” packaging options for your nutraceuticals?
  • Looking to provide cost effective strip packaging?
  • Are you trying to keep up with the latest packaging options and trends?

Let RxSafe’s secure, technology-driven solutions help you diversify into packaging options that will expand the attractiveness and flexibility of your product offerings.

Packaging trends are focusing on “rightsizing”, multi-dose and convenience techniques. Several tablets can be packaged into pouch strips that indicate time of day, day of the week so consumers don’t have to wonder if they’ve taken their daily dosage. This type of convenience packaging really helps customers in the midst of their busy schedules and by taking just the needed pouches.

These individual pouches also provide an airtight environment that’s portable and travel-friendly. Many consumers are looking for lightweight, single-dose pouches to take on business trips or vacations. By taking just the pouches needed it makes packing and security inspection effortless and worry-free.

When it comes to custom supplement packaging, every detail is important. That’s why RxSafe uses thermal printing for all its strip packaging—that means more flexibility and lower operating costs. Virtually anything can be printed onto our strip packaging including graphics, text, bar code symbologies, etc. The printed information can be customized to your exact needs. Since no ribbons are needed, there are no replacement costs or maintenance to change ribbons—just one more way that RxSafe passes along cost and time savings to you.

Experience RxSafe’s evolutionary leap forward in results-driven packaging technology. By selecting RxSafe to help you reach your goals, you’ll move into the next era in nutraceutical retail.

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