Optical Pill Counting & Verification Enabling
Remote PV2 for Workload Balancing

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Busy pharmacy team members are sometimes literally running into each other behind the counter. That’s because pharmacists are trying to do too many things at once: PV1, PV2, patient consultations, doctor calls, insurance adjudication, etc. Meanwhile,patients are lining up, waiting for their scripts, when all they want to do is pick up their meds, get consultation, and be on their way. It’s frustrating for everyone involved.

Busy retail chain pharmacies struggle with “work overload” on the pharmacy team during certain times of day. The many challenges in this difficult and stressful environment include:

  • high cost of pharmacist labor and labor shortages
  • non-linear workflow with its accompanying costs and frustration.
  • fill errors and rework.
  • false claims from patients.

Regulatory compliance and good customer service dictate that a second pharmacist be added when the pharmacist gets too busy. But adding a second pharmacist is difficult and expensive.


So, how can pharmacies streamline this complex, error-prone, non-linear workflow and replace it with a simplified, faster and less-expensive process? The answer is: remote PV2 verification through optical pill counting and pill verification, enabling workload balancing—all made possible by the RapidCountRx™.


Workload balancing, enabled by RapidCountRx, means that digitized PV2 functions can be shared by other pharmacists in a variety of settings. PV2 can be conducted securely:

  • in the store where the script is filled by a pharmacist on site, at his or her workstation—without handling the product!
  • in another store that isn’t busy.
  • in a central fill location.
  • by a pharmacist working from home (over a secure network).

Whichever option you choose, RapidCountRx makes PV2 functions much easier to manage, much more efficient, and much less expensive. The result is reduced cost, improved accuracy, betterworkload balancing, faster service, and happier patients with all steps recorded and images saved.

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