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Retail POS COVID-19 / Coronavirus Protection Shield for Essential Services

Are you an essential service that wants to take extra measures to protect the health of your employees and customers during the coronavirus outbreak? The ViralGuardRx™ is a great option to create a physical barrier at point-of-sale counters.

By placing this protective shield at walk-up spaces, cash registers, and other high traffic areas, it will help reduce the risk of viral and bacterial transmission, including COVID-19. If you’re a pharmacy, healthcare facility, bank or retail store front, consider adding the ViralGuardRx to your business environment. Your employees and customers will appreciate the extra layer of protection.

ViralGuardRx is easy to self-install. The replaceable HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter facilitates audibility while aiding in the prevention of disease transmission. The copper-lined transfer port tips 90 degrees for package delivery from employee side to customer side while blocking free airflow.

Safety Tip: Help customers maintain proper social distancing between individuals by placing floor markers at 6′ intervals within your queuing areas.

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