VisionRx Next Generation Pill Counter

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Networked for Success

Patient Safety Optimized

PV2 Remote Final Check

Inventory Management


Secure Connectivity

Verify Every Pill Safely and Securely From Anywhere*

  • Counts & verifies all oral solid medications including clear gel caps.
  • For each vial-filled script or pre-pack, captures clear, accurate images of every pill on the counting tray, label on the vial, and pills in the vial. All with pill verification.
  • Pill properties are combined with patient information, lot number and expiration date and recorded in the database along with date, time and biometric operator identity.
  • Data is transferred over a secure network to other pharmacists, enabling them to perform digitized remote final check functions, in pharmacy or remotely.
  • Upon pharmacist approval, the prescription is released from will-call by the clerk to the patient.
  • Built-in pill verification alerts the fill tech of an error requiring correction before the script can be filled and is presented to the pharmacist for final check function.
  • Added security for tech check tech.

*With Secure Network

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