RapidCardRx – Blister Card Filling Automation

Fill more cards in less time with no pill-at-a-time filling.

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Accuracy & Speed



Multi-Med/Single-Med, Pre-Pack Adherence Blister Card Packager with Universal Cartridges for any Pharmacy

Experience the unparalleled, adherence packaging automation technology of the RapidCardRx™ with built-in vision inspection. The RapidCardRx is configurable to fill any blister card format, multi-med /single-med using up to 20, 30 or 40 “smart” universal cartridges that dispense all oral solid medications such as clear gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc. — without calibration. Med cycles are completely configurable at the lowest possible cost. No “pill-at-a-time” loading. Plus, no more errors from hand filling trays or cards.

Our unique, 3-step, integrated machine vision verification system enables one-pass workflow, unmatched accuracy, and significantly lower operating cost. No need to stock expensive inventory in your automation system. There’s less inventory cost, less expiration waste, and rarely refill during a run. Cleaning is far less time consuming. More things get done in less time, greatly enhancing pharmacy efficiency. No more “open” cassettes.

RapidCardRx has the lowest daily operating costs in the industry. Use any blister card configuration from any source.

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Up to
Single-med Cards per Minute
“Smart” Bulk-loaded
Universal Cartridges

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Smarter inventory management

Less On-hand Inventory Required

low daily operating costs

Lowest Operating Costs Industrywide

save on FTE hours

No More Trays or Remote Filling Stations

No more down time to load trays and canisters.
No more errors from hand filling trays.

eliminate medication errors

1-2% Industry Error Rate – a Thing of the Past

space saver

Smallest Footprint

flexible and secure system

Unmatched Accuracy, Flexibility and Security

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