Vial Filling

  • Looking to improve throughput and performance?
  • Are you plagued by waste, theft and diversion?
  • Or, are you simply looking to free up your manpower constraints?

Let RxSafe’s secure, scalable, technology-driven solutions help you move beyond your pharmacy’s constraints to work faster and win more business.

Central fill pharmacies are continuously putting out large quantities of pharmaceuticals, so speed, efficiency and accuracy are important to you. Use our technology to automate the formerly unautomatable hand picking function. You can store and automate up to 5,400 prescription containers in less than 40 square feet of space and realize a peak capacity of up to 120 scripts/hour with a single technician. Want more capacity than that? No problem. Scalability with RxSafe systems is simple and fast.

Our cutting-edge technology streamlines workflow and inventory management. We pride ourselves on being compatible with all host systems. So, helping you add an RxSafe system into your current automation scenario is something we understand.

Are you ready to provide a real solution to the adherence problem? RxSafe’s strip packager is your answer. For less cost than traditional vial filling, synchronize your patient’s medications and produce adherence strip packaging in as little as four square feet.

Experience RxSafe’s evolutionary leap forward in results-driven pharmacy technology. By selecting RxSafe to help you reach your goals, you’ll move into the next era in central fill pharmacy.

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