RxSafe’s Groundbreaking Vision Inspection System

The RxASP is the only strip packager that offers optional, built-in vision inspection.

Our integrated, real-time vision inspection system optically verifies that the medications in the pouch are correct. More importantly, machine vision inspection happens in real time in a single workflow step without a secondary machine.

Unique to PakCheckRx™ is the ability to detect gel caps and inspect a larger number of pills per pouch while keeping up with the pouch per minute output of our pouch packager, which fills the most patient orders per shift by far.  This inspection functionality is available via the best operator interface on the market when it comes to ease of use. Medication adherence has never been this simple.

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Tired of verifying each pill in every pouch?
Our groundbreaking PakCheckRx™ technology is the solution for your pharmacy.

automated adherence strip package verification

It’s the only strip packaging vision inspection system designed and manufactured in the USA.

It gives you:

  • higher accuracy
  • can detect gel caps
  • larger pouch capacity (one pouch per med pass)
  • inspects a larger number of pills in a pouch
  • keeps up with the pouch per minute speed of our pouch packager, which fills the most patient orders per shift by far
  • ease of use (best operator interface on the market)
  • less waste
  • less labor
  • lower operational cost (has single production step)
  • lower purchase price*
  • integrates with existing hardware for a seamless result
  • modular design (can be added later)

* Note: Built-in vision inspection is an option, available for an additional fee. It is not included in the RxASP price.

RxSafe is made in the USA

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