Case Study: Love Oak Pharmacy

Love Oak Pill Box

Love Oak Pharmacy

Full-Service, Independent Pharmacy
Location: Eastland, Texas

Pharmacy Automation & PMS:
Outcomes achieved:
  • Improved Patient Adherence
  • Increased Profits
  • Increased Geographic Reach


Love Oak Pharmacy purchased the RapidPakRx™ to offer patients pouch-packaged medication instead of vial-packaged delivery. This approach addresses their patients’ needs, improves their adherence, and helps maximize pharmacy reimbursements. In addition, Love Oak has been able to expand their geographic reach because patients heard about this pill box service and are now having their prescription pouches shipped to their homes if they don’t live nearby.

We can now offer our patients the option of picking up all their prescriptions once a month, organized so they can easily take them as prescribed, and get them on track to achieve 100% adherence.
- Ben McNabb, Love Oak PharmacyOwner/Pharmacist

How the RapidPakRx helped the client. 

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The Challenge

Love Oak Pharmacy wanted to offer their patients an innovative product, in addition to traditional pharmacy services. They also wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition and expand their geographic reach without building additional brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

The Solution

Love Oak Pharmacy identified that the industry was moving towards CMS star measures, pharmacy quality measures, and adherence-dependent outcome objectives. They saw that having a tangible product, that new and existing patients could easily understand, would give them an edge in a highly competitive marketplace. The RapidPakRx stood out from the competition because of its scalability, price point, packaging materials, and the ability to fit up to six unique pills per packet.

Patients have told me that RxSafe adherence packaging has been life-changing. In the past, they were never able to take their medication as prescribed. They’re now taking their meds on time and are 100% compliant on the new system. It’s affecting their health in a big way.
Ben McNabb, Love Oak Pharmacy, Owner, RPhNCPA 2018 Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award, PDS Member


Patient Care/Adherence. “The RapidPakRx closes the loop on medication synchronization. It helps patients take their medications correctly every time and solidifies the synchronization of medication between fill dates.”

Differentiation & Geographic Reach. “It gives us a unique selling point and distinguishes us from our competition because no one else is offering this service in the area.”

Profitability. “It has helped our business be more profitable because we are maximizing reimbursements from Medicare plans, maximizing the number of prescriptions filled per patient per month, and capturing many new patients that have complex drug regimens.”

Improve Efficiency. “It has completely changed how we operate as a business. We’re more proactive, more efficient and more profitable.”

Love Oak adherence packaging box

About Love Oak Pharmacy

Love Oak Pharmacy in Eastland, Texas, is a full-service independent community pharmacy that delivers a better, simpler experience for people managing multiple medications.

Co-owners Benjamin and Heather McNabb purchased Eastland Drug Company in 2015 – the same hometown pharmacy that Benjamin had worked in as a teenager. The husband and wife team, reopened the pharmacy, café, and gift shop under a new name, Love Oak Pharmacy, named after the symbolic tree they planted when they were married.

They are a small business with a big heart for their community and for the people they serve every day. They think the special relationships they develop with their patients improve customer experience and health outcomes.

Their core principle to love and serve others guides their patient interactions. They strive to help people achieve total wellness, in mind, body, and spirit.

TPA2020 awards logo

Ben McNabb’s Special Recognition Awards 

  • TPA 2020 Excellence in Innovation, Texas Pharmacy Association (TPA), presented at the TPA Virtual Conference & Expo. Ben was nominated by one or more peers and selected by a committee of the TPA Association Affairs Council.
  • NCPA 2018 Innovation Center Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award, National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), presented at the Annual Convention in Boston.
Love Oak owner Benjamin McNabb NCPA award winner

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