RxCloud Analytics

A 24/7 cloud-based RxSafe inventory management offering powered by Datarithm

Spend money on something other than inventory.

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  • Automatic perpetual accuracy
  • NO cycle counting
  • Real time inventory on demand


  • Forecasting & balancing
  • 24 months of transactional history
  • Lowest error, best-fit algorithms


  • Lower on hand inventory
  • Item level expiration tracking
  • Less inventory discarded
RxCloud Analytics

RxSafe Has the Industry’s Only Item Level Tracking, including Historical Cost Data

Accurate, perpetual, real-time inventory tracking is one of the major inventory management benefits of the RxSafe 1800. In fact, because of it RxSafe has the only item level tracking solution in the industry. Add to it item level forecasting from Datarithm, with cost data, and you end up with a powerful tool called RxCloud Analytics. Return the management of inventory back to management.

With RxCloud Analytics you will gain a more robust inventory control solution in these key areas:

  1. Forecast Dashboard – daily current and forecasted inventory amounts, dispensing pattern breakdowns, current/forecasted customer service levels, deep discount short-date buying opportunities, order alert/cycle fill reminder functionality.
  2. Transfer Dashboard – surplus inventory reduction opportunity breakdown.
  3. Cycle Countingdone automatically and accurately by the RxSafe.
  4. Reports Dashboard – comprehensive/sortable inventory list, negative on-hand inventory report, top downward replenishment point suggestions, top wholesaler return recommendations, unusually “high” and “low” usage reports.
  5. Advanced Analytics – 24/7 cloud-based access to Inventory Review Wizard (IRW) via reports for every NDC and optional access to cycle counting functionality.

The PMS systems that are currently supported by RxCloud Analytics are ComputerRx, PioneerRx, and Rx30. In the near future, Liberty will also be supported.

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