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Speed & Accuracy


DRI Enabled & Thermal Printing for Strip Packaging

RxSafe’s Data Rich Interchange

data-rich interchangeTechnology sets RxSafe apart. One of our most recent developments is the DRI™, the first-of-its-kind, message initiation “data rich interchange” for the retail pharmacy market. This protocol is essential for real workflow, providing pharmacy management with a complete suite of reports at their fingertips. The DRI is an integral part of every RxSafe product, making it a unique offering in pharmacy management software. With the development of the DRI, pharmacy workflow becomes even more robust and streamlined than ever before.

Thermal Printing for Strip Packaging

strip packaging automationRxSafe is one of the few companies that uses thermal printing for all its strip packaging—that means more flexibility and lower operating costs. Virtually anything can be printed onto the strip packaging including graphics, text, symbology, bar codes, etc. The information can be customized to your exact needs. Since no ribbons are needed, there are no replacement costs or maintenance fees incurred—just one more way that RxSafe passes along cost savings to you.

Blister Card Packaging Assistant that Improves the Manual Process for any Retail Pharmacy

BlistAssist™ is an innovative medication blister card packaging assistant that offers accuracy, traceability, and security. It offers a revolutionary software-driven solution that improves the manual preparation and verification of single or multi-med blister cards. The system is designed for faster inspection by the pharmacist due to the availability of NDC-at-a-time inspection, which can be performed remotely. Engineered to meet safety and traceability needs, it addresses all the requirements of a pharmacy’s card filling operation.

Accuracy & Speed

A light-guided panel improves the tedious, time consuming, and labor intensive manual card filling process. Barcode verification and the unique pill-by-pill image-driven workflow greatly enhances accuracy and verification, reducing potential for errors. BlistAssist monitors the card filling process, allowing the user to step away and easily resume production.


BlistAssist features the unparalleled ability to track lot numbers and expiration dates in manually-prepared blister cards. Operator activity is tracked via a login and password.


“Layer-by-layer” verification creates a quick and convenient verification process and ensures that no cards are missed. The system stores verification images for archival purposes. Pharmacists have the unique flexibility to conduct final verification remotely.

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Smarter inventory management

Track Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates

low daily operating costs

Save Valuable Pharmacist Time

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Save Time on Filling Process

eliminate medication errors

Layer-by-Layer Verification

space saver

Small Footprint

flexible and secure system

Unmatched Flexibility and Security

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