Workflow design with you in mind

At RxSafe we care about your pharmacy’s needs and concerns. That’s why we spend quality time getting to know what’s important to you before we begin to design anything…because listening to you will produce the best solution for your workflow environment.

Via phone calls, emails and/or face-to-face consultations we gather the information and details that are critical for your improved success—number of employees, security concerns, space constraints, inventory management issues and other elements that are unique to your pharmacy. Once we understand all the relevant details, our team of designers and engineers render your layout using our advanced 3D software. Upon design approval, installation begins.

RxSafe’s design strategies include a wide array of design choices that incorporate the latest industry advancements. We can change and arrange the machines and the software features, including the interfaces to the PMS (host) systems. We can place the systems in unique arrangements within your pharmacy space. We offer fixtures and furniture from leading manufactures to compliment the design ensemble as needed. The end result is an updated pharmacy space with optimized workflow. That efficiency translates into more money to your bottom line.

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