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The RxSafe 1800 is so Much More Than a Vial Filling Robot.

DRI enabled & CII Compliant

RxSafe’s Data Rich Interchange

Technology sets RxSafe apart. One of our most recent developments is the DRI™, the first-of-its-kind, message initiation “data rich interchange” for the retail pharmacy market. This protocol is essential for real workflow, providing pharmacy management with a complete suite of reports at their fingertips. The DRI is an integral part of every RxSafe product, making it a unique offering in pharmacy management software. With the development of the DRI, pharmacy workflow becomes even more robust and streamlined than ever before.

RxSafe is CII Compliant

RxSafe is first and foremost a safe. Overriding the system requires two different keys. Access to CII’s for normal prescription filling requires the operator to have the proper credential and biometrically login. Every touch of the container is tracked and recorded to the operator from original stock replenishment until the container is discarded. RxSafe has a rich reporting suite of software, including CII logging.

Comprehensive, Automated Robotic Storage and Retrieval for Retail Pharmacies

The RxSafe 1800® represents an evolutionary leap in robotic pharmacy automation technology. Rather than simply automating fast-moving drugs, the RxSafe 1800 provides secure robotic storage and retrieval for your entire pharmacy inventory including controlled

Only Item Level Tracking Solution

Accurate, perpetual, real-time inventory tracking is one of the major inventory management benefits of the RxSafe 1800. In fact, RxSafe has the only item level tracking solution in the industry. Add to it item level forecasting powered by Datarithm, with cost data, and you end up with a powerful tool called RxCloud Analytics™. Return the management of inventory back to management. Spend money on something other than inventory. Since all drugs are stored in native packaging, there is no need for pharmacy staff to spend time manually restocking dispensing cells. The remote stock management feature manages all the inventory and filling, even if it’s in the refrigerator. And, we’re compatible with virtually all pharmacy management software.

Now Comes With an RxAWS Remote Workstation

Many pharmacies’ workflow requires concurrent tasks like checking in inventory, filling prescriptions, and accessing reports for things to run smoothly and efficiently. Since the RxSafe 1800 now comes with an RxAWS™ (Auxiliary Workstation), these activities can be accomplished simultaneously without disruption.

RxSafe 1800 Demo Video


Available as a Single or Multi Tower Automated Drug Dispensing System

Up to
Scripts per Hour (Single Operator)
Up to
Stock Bottles Per Tower
Up to
Less On-hand Inventory
Proven ROI in

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flexible and secure system

Unparalleled Security

Eliminates theft and diversion
Monitors and stores narcotics safely and securely

Smarter inventory management

Less On-hand Inventory

30% less on-hand inventory
Increased inventory turns

track drug expiration dates

Avoids Waste

Our proprietary software tracks date codes.
Avoid waste due to expired drugs.

save on FTE hours

Fewer FTE hours

19% fewer FTE hours

save floor space

Gain Valuable Floor Space

33% less pharmacy floor space required
Returns floor space to retail
Use recovered floor space for consulting, vaccination, compounding, compliance packaging, counting technology

eliminate medication errors

Improves Accuracy

100% accurate CII audit results
Millions of prescriptions filled with unparalleled accuracy.

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