Hospital Pharmacy Automation Solutions

  • Would you like your hospital’s employees and patients to have the best possible experience?
  • Want to speed up the time consuming task of inventory management as well as ensure safety and accuracy?
  • Is preventing and detecting abuse one of your rising concerns? Or, would you like more time to consult with your patients?

Let RxSafe’s secure, technology-driven solutions help you move beyond these day-to-day concerns so that your customers can take a front row seat.

hospital automation solutions

Take advantage of our experience, we’ve worked with the most well known, leading edge hospital pharmacies in the world. They’ve chosen RxSafe to upgrade their pharmacy environments or have added an RxSafe system to work in conjunction with their current automation. The biggest upsides have been increased profitability, improved productivity, eliminating waste, theft and diversion—plus, freed up floor space.

Are you ready to provide a real solution to the adherence problem? RxSafe’s automated strip packaging system is your answer. For less cost than traditional vial filling, synchronize your patient’s medications and produce adherence strip packaging in as little as four square feet.

Experience RxSafe’s evolutionary leap forward in results-driven pharmacy technology. By selecting RxSafe to help you reach your goals, you’ll move into the next era in hospital pharmacy service.

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